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Drafts are not publicly available in your Knowledge base
Written by Bartek Witczak
Updated 1 year ago

General information about articles

This is an example Draft. Drafts are not shown in your Knowledge Base and can not be viewed by your visitors. In order to make a Draft article available for viewing in your Knowledge Base, you should publish it.

If at some point you need to hide a published article from your Knowledge Base, just save it as a Draft again — this will immediately hide it from your public Knowledge Base.

You can create as many Drafts as you need and publish them whenever you’re ready to.

Publishing the article

When you’re ready to publish your Draft and make it publicly available in your Knowledge Base, just follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the dropdown list in the top-right corner of the article page. You’ll find this list next to the SAVE ARTICLE button.
  • Select the PUBLISH option from the dropdown list.
  • Click the SAVE ARTICLE button.

Illustrative example

As simple as that 😉

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